5 Best Text To Speech Programs

Have you ever dreamed about a program that will help you to read stories to your kids? Or about the program that can help you to learn pronunciation of foreign languages? So, we are going to speak…


Students Rally to Save Sign Language Classes

Ward Melville’s American Sign Language program is on the list of potential cuts as the district develops its 2012-13 school budget, but at Tuesday’s board meeting, students spoke out in hopes of preserving the program…


What Jobs Can You Do?

Write down jobs you think you can do or ones a deaf person/voiceless person can do. Make your comments in the form below, and get featured in the future articles. I think people will be surprised what all can be done….

Deaf Culture – Deaf? Disabled? Both?

How Do Deaf People View Themselves?

By Jamie Berke, Guide

Deaf people may not see themselves with a disability. You, on the other hand, might see them as having a disability. The answer might surprise you when deaf people tell you how they see themselves and how they see you….

What are the Most Popular Companies Making Speech Devices?

You will be surprised what the most Google searched companies are that market speech Devices for people that have lost their voices.

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