My name is Ted Holcomb and I no longer have the voice I had at birth.

Three years ago nerve damage from radiation stilled my speaking voice. In my work as a senior manager in broadcasting and publishing, getting my thoughts across without my voice challenged me to find and use every bit of high tech and low tech available. It wasn’t easy. Accepting my new normal, accepting the loss of my speaking voice was a low point in my life.

As an executive I am experienced in finding potential in situations which might not be apparent to another person. I chose to move from my low point by asking myself, “In what way does my new normal, along with my broadcasting and publishing experience, give me a vision for the future?”

My answer is ListenToMeToday.com.

Our mission is to be a dynamic resource for speech and hearing professionals, hearing and speech impaired, allies and visitors interested in sharing and looking for information.

My research showed few websites for people with hearing and speech disorders. ListenToMeToday.com recognizes there are vast numbers of people who have speech and hearing disorders looking for information and answers. Our goal is to be the “Go to” website for this community.

ListenToMeToday.com is an outreach site, supported with an interactive blog composed of fresh content, articles, videos, and products, which make communication easier and more enjoyable.

We deal with real life situations. We will host webcasts and tele-seminars with leading professionals on a variety of topics that voiceless and deaf people have to deal with everyday. Content will be added and changed daily. This is the place to express your thoughts. This is the place to bring your questions and challenges. This is the place to most certainly share your successes.

We are now in the initial stage of the ListenToMeToday.com launch. We are building a data base of email addresses and current points of interest in the community of people with speech and hearing disorders.

When I lost my speaking voice, I was angry, hurt and I didn’t know how I was going to go on. I was blessed by my family and my rehab team who wouldn’t allow me to remain stuck in my fear and anxiety. I created ListenToMeToday.com for people just like me who are challenged with speech and hearing issues. I know my struggle would have been easier if ListenToMeToday.com had been around. I hope you enjoy our website and I invite your comments and participation.

Here is to a wonderful day and a better tomorrow!


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  1. Etelvina says:

    a friend recommended your website and i’m glad he did because it is very informative and entertaining.

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