There are millions of searches done everyday looking for information about speechless, deaf, sign language, communication devices and many other related topics. ListenToMeToday is that one destination site for many of those searches.

The site‘s content is designed to empower and inform visitors with articles, videos and products that will make lives more fulfilled and complete. Visitors are encouraged to comment and participate as the content unfolds on relevant topics.

One of the missions of the site is to offer support and information to those looking for ways to increase self-determination as they live their lives. It is time to for the general public to realize that being deaf or voiceless is not a disability. It is nothing more than a lot of normal people adjusting how they communicate. It‘s “our” responsibility to take control of our lives.

Each week there will be two newsletters about relevant topics to enlighten readers about ways to make their lives more informed and productive. This is a good life and it is each individuals responsibility to take care of themselves. ListenToMeTodaywill be full of ideas from interesting and professional people contributing to the site. Speech therapists and the Healthcare community will not only contribute to the site, but they will also find it useful for themselves and their patient/client.

Come back often and be a part of this huge and growing community. This is where your thoughts matter.

Ted Holcomb
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Featured Article

No bus driving for Deaf drivers...

Chris Wagner interviews and gives direction as to where NAD is headed for the next 2 years. Do you think the NAD is happy with how the Deaf are being treated? Find out and read Chris’s interview...

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